Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Booking


The Property is licensed to the Occupier on the express condition that no more than the maximum number of persons as indicated in the accommodation details shall use it.

For safety reasons there are strict rules for the properties that are situated on a private complex (site) or for any other properties. They are as follows:

-The only people who can enter the site (complex) or the property are those whose full names have been registered on the booking form.

-Those people who enter the site, or who are at the beginning of their stay (i.e. on their arrival) must show their identification to prove that they are the same people registered on the booking form. (These rules apply only for the properties in Turkey. Not in Ukraine.

-Those people who are not registered on the booking form will not be allowed in to the complex (site) or in to the properties. (These rules apply only for the properties in Turkey. Not in Ukraine.

-Guests can only be allowed after permission has given by the site manager or property owner. (These rules apply only for the properties in Turkey. Not in Ukraine.

-Any guest has to report to the site manager or to the property owner with their identification. (These rules apply only for the properties in Turkey. Not in Ukraine.

If any of the rules are not followed by the renter(s), the property manager or owner will have the right to cancel the booking.

Check in and Check out time : Normal check in time is after 2 pm and and check out time is  before 12 am but we are flexible with check in and check out time unless we have a customer checking in same day in to the same property.

Identity declaration:

Customers staying in our facilities are obliged to present their identity by law, otherwise, customer entry procedures cannot be made and accepted. The reservations of the customers who do not present their identity will be canceled and the payments received regarding the reservation will not be refunded. If it is determined that our guests, who do not provide identification, stay in our facilities, this situation is forwarded to regional security units or authorized police centers or gendarmerie security forces. If the guests arriving and staying in an unauthorized manner are detected by the security forces or law enforcement officers who are staying at the facility, the person who makes the reservation shall be responsible for the penalties or penalties that will arise and related penalties shall be applied to the person making the reservation.

Care of Property

The Occupier agrees to take good care of the Property and will be responsible for any breakages and items missing from the inventory, or any other loss or damage occurring at or to the Property, during the Occupancy Period. The Occupier will be required to pay for any such loss, damage, breakages or missing items and any cleaning (other than normal cleaning) which is required following departure.

The Occupier is responsible for the behaviour of all persons who may be resident in (or otherwise in) the Property during the Occupancy Period and for the condition in which the Property is left at the end of the Occupancy Period.

The Property shall not be used in such a way as to cause annoyance or a nuisance to any other person or to the occupants of any other property or land, nor for any illegal or immoral purpose or for any trade or business.

No Toilet Paper, Sanitary Towels/pads or Nappies to be put down the toilets. If there is a blockage and a plumber needs to be called the Occupier is responsible for the whole bill.

No animals (except for guide dogs) may be brought onto or kept at the Property.

Noise pollution

Hi-Fis, television sets, musical instruments and similar equipment must be used in such a way as to cause no annoyance or disturbance to any person or occupants of other properties. In particular the volume on all equipment and the voices of occupants should be controlled so as not to be audible outside the Property.  If the property ıs based on a complex the Occupier must comply wıth any rules.


Payment of 45% of the Accommodation Fee stated in the Schedule must be paid at the time of booking and is a condition of this Agreement. No bookings can be confirmed until this Agreement together with the first instalment of the Accommodation Fee has been received by the Company.

The remaining 55% of the Accommodation Fee must be paid on arrival in British Pounds, Euros, US Dollars or Turkish Lira

Cancellations by the customer:

In the event of cancellation by the customer less than 30 days before the booking start date deposits are non refundable.

Cancellation by the Company/Owner

In the unlikely event that the Property becomes unavailable due to reasons beyond the control of the Company and/or the Owner, the Occupier will be offered alternative accommodation of at least equal standard where reasonably practicable. Should this not be acceptable to the Occupier or if no alternative is available, all monies will be returned in full and neither the Company or the Owner shall be under any further liability to the Occupier.


Linen and towels are supplied as part of the inventory of the Property.

Liability and Responsibility

Neither the Company nor the Owner accept any liability in respect of loss (money, jewelry or any other valuable possessions) or damage to the Occupier or any other occupier of the Property, their property, baggage, car or contents, save to the extent that such loss or damage arises as a result of the negligence of the Company or the Owner or their respective employees, agents or sub-contractors.

Neither the Company nor the Owner accepts responsibility for any lost property left behind at the end of the Occupier's period of occupation. The Company will make reasonable efforts to return lost property but this will be at the Occupier's sole cost and expense.

General Liability and Responsibility around the pool, inside the properties and in the complex in case of any injuries

The occupier should be aware that inside the property and around the pool the floors and steps may have been tiled and can be slippery. The person who has booked the property is responsible for informing other people within the same group about the safety issues as stated in the above title. The occupier will be responsible for all children within the group. Neither children nor adults should be running around the pool area because it can be slippery. In case of any injury the property owner or property manager will not accept any liability. Parents are responsible for their children.

Returning customers

At Seaside Holiday Rentals we guarantee you the best possible prices.

People who have booked any of our properties through Seaside Holiday Rentals and would like to book or come back again to the same property, or to any of the properties on the same site in the future should inform and deal directly with Seaside Holiday Rentals again, (for any bookings for the same property or any other properties on the same site). Otherwise Seaside Holiday Rentals will charge you 10% commission on the rentals price for the time you will be staying at the same property or for any of the other properties on the same site.

Note : Please print out this page when you book any of our property.